ICEAS 2023 – Welcome


Dear colleagues and friends,

on behalf of the III International Congress of Education in Animal Sciences (III ICEAS), as a President of ISEAS, it is my great pleasure to invite you to participate in this Congress which is to be held in Zagreb, Croatia during June 15 – 16 2023.

The congress is held under the auspices of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb. We offer you a two-day programme dedicated to alternatives to practices with live animals. 

We hope you will enjoy your time on the congress in open discussions and upgrading the international network of higher education experts. I am looking forward to meet you in Zagreb in 2023.

Jasna Aladrović


Zagreb is the capital and the largest city in Croatia. It is in the northwest part of Croatia and is located on the southern slopes of Medvednica and on both sides of the Sava River. Zagreb is the cultural, scientific, economic and administrative centre of the Republic of Croatia. Zagreb is rich in historical monuments dating back to Roman times and has developed into a true Central European city to this day.

The historical districts of Gornji grad (Upper town), Kaptol and Donji Grad (Downtown) are considered the centre of Zagreb, where there is an exceptional variety of architecture from the baroque to the present day. The main square of Gornji grad (Upper Town) is Trg sv. Marko, once a place of trade, and today the political seat of Croatia, with the buildings of the Croatian Parliament and the Government. Kaptol is a historical settlement in Zagreb formed around the Zagreb Cathedral. Today it is the centre of church institutions.  Between Gornji Grad and Kaptol lies the area called Dolac, where the Dolac Market, Zagreb’s most famous open-air market, is located.

Donji grad is the urban centre of contemporary Zagreb. The main and largest square of Zagreb is Trg ban Jelačića, and on the square, there is a famous monument to ban Josip Jelačić.

The people of Zagreb are especially proud of their parks. The oldest of the parks is Zrinjevac, with centuries-old plane trees and a music pavilion in the middle. To the east of the city centre is the largest park, Maksimir park where the Zagreb ZOO is located.

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